What we do

Strategic Property Positioning

Property positioning is what gets buyers in the door. Will the buyers’ attention be captured by the vision of future opportunities, or will they be distracted by minor unimportant details, accidentally emphasized by an agent?We start the process of selling the property by developing its strategic positioning profile.

From the way the property is presented, to its story (both in print, photos and promotional video), its highlights, financials and marketing materials, everything in our sales package gets built around one target: the most likely buyer for this specific property and the unique ways of catching that buyer’s attention.


Performance-Driven Marketing Program

Performance-driven marketing combines quality exposure to wide broker and buyer communities, with direct marketing to the smaller pools of most likely buyers, with accountability to the seller.

We understand the need of the property owner to be kept updated on the progress of the sale. Our bi-weekly marketing report quantifies marketing efforts and their actual results.


When multiple offers come in, it can be difficult to decide which is best. Sometimes the one with the highest price tag is not the one the most likely to close.

Our proprietary offer analysis matrix system provides analytical tools to our clients to help them make the best decisions on which offer to accept.



Time kills deals.

By following a project-based methodology of transaction management we can drive a deal to closing which results in less re-trading and more successful closings. More, it cuts the risk of things getting missed and having yo put your property back on the market to find another buyer.